What a Wonder

As I am sitting in the Cusco airport waiting for my flight back to Lima, I’m still on cloud 9 because 2 days ago I went to Machu Picchu!!

It was more amazing than I expected. The clouds were covering most of the ruins and the mountains when we first arrived in the citadel but slowly over time, they started clearing. Seeing Machu Picchu come from behind the clouds was a dream come true.

We decided to climb higher in hopes of getting an even better view as it started clearing and found the best spot!

We decided to camp out for some time, just sitting and admiring this amazing place. This was somewhere we only heard stories about. Being able to go there and see it in all its glory was absolutely incredible.

Saving Machu Picchu for the final adventure on this trip was so worth it. As I’ve told some people, I left Machu Picchu for the end like it’s a coming of age movie where the main character does something incredible to realize their accomplishments and what they’ve achieved along the way.

I’m overwhelmed with emotions as I start reflecting back on the past two months, what I saw, what I did, and what I’ve learned. It’s been a crazy adventure and definitely one of the best things I decided to do.

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