Graffiti in Medellin

During my time in Medellin, I heard people raving about Comuna 13 and the graffiti there. Comuna 13 used to be the most dangerous part of Medellin. From the 70’s to recent, drugs were smuggled through the community, up and over the mountain behind it, and to the world via the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The government of Medellin didn’t want anything to do with the community, since those living there started the community illegally. The government didn’t police it nor help with the issues in the area.

It got to a point where the government wanted to stop drugs from being smuggled through Comuna 13. So they started coming to the area. They didn’t know who was good and who was bad and at many points, killed innocent people. Gunfire would be heard throughout the community in the dark of night, the only thing the innocent people could do was pray they wouldn’t get hit in the crossfire while they hid in their homes.

Today, multiple artists around Comuna 13 put up murals to represent the past but also to add life and color to the community. These are just a few of the amazing art pieces that are in Comuna 13.

Each piece has a story and it helps piece together Comuna 13’s past and how they are pushing into the future to grow above their history.


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