Dreamy Panamanian Caribbean

For one week, I island hopped in Boca del Toro. It was a relaxing week filled with friends, deep conversations, and beaches.

Starting at Bambuda Lodge, a few friends I met on the San Blas islands were there, along with some people from the L&F hostel. Bambuda was beach front and hidden in the towering jungle on Isla Solarte. Isolated from any other resorts, it was a place of relaxation, minus getting attacked by sand flies. One of the days there, a few of us rented kayaks and standup paddle boards and drifted out to sea for a bit.

Hopping back to the main island, Isla Colon, I spent one night at Selina Bocas del Toro and oh my, it was interesting. I signed up for Filthy Friday and if you don’t know anything about that, it is pretty much a giant booze cruise to different bars spread out over three of the islands here. Music was blaring until 4 in the morning as people were still trying to keep Filthy Friday going. (Don’t you love my accidental sass in this photo?)

Escaping to peace, I then moved to Isla Bastimentos, spending the first few days at Selina Red Frog with a girl I had previously traveled with. Sunday, they had a pool party which meant, once again, there was music going late into the night. Luckily, I had a few friends staying at Palmar Beach Lodge that I got to escape the noise with for happy hour and dinner.

I didn’t want to leave Bocas quite yet, mind you it was cloudy every day I had been there so I booked two nights at Palmar. Situated right on the beach, it was exactly what I’ve been wanting since arriving in Bocas. One day, a few of us walked for an hour along the beach to Polo’s Beach. It is named after Polo, a 70 maybe 80 year old man who decided he wanted to live by himself on a beach so secluded from the world when he was 15 (Picture of his house above). He is known for $10 lobster dishes and becoming extremely drunk as the day goes on. We had lunch there but unfortunately, there was no lobster.

The last two days in Bocas were absolutely gorgeous as there were next to no clouds in the sky. It was a beautiful place to escape to but definitely made me ready for a new scene and new country.


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