Lost or Found?

The past three days, I’ve been hidden away in the forest. The Lost and Found Hostel has been amazing. From clouds surrounding the hostel to picturesque sunrises, it has been so relaxing.

Yesterday, two people I have been traveling with and myself, hitchhiked with 2 Costa Rican birder guards to the town of Gualaca to see the river canyon. It was fun jumping off the few meter high edges into the rushing water below.

Today, Shuri, the girl from Japan and I, hiked 5 hours into the forest in the surrounding area. We hiked along the river and saw waterfalls, rapids, and caves. Not to mention, we did get attacked by mosquitos during a good portion of it…

This little portion of the trip has helped me clear my head and think more. I’ve slowly started to work on my Statement of Purpose for grad school and I’ve also been thinking a lot about this trip. Only a week has passed since I left, but it feels much longer. I’m already dreaming of a good shower, nice warm bed, clean clothes, and some good food.

Tomorrow I am off to Bocas Del Toro for a few days. The forest has been beautiful and an amazing experience, but this SoCal girl needs the beach.




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