Panama must see: San Blas

I returned this morning from a trip to the San Blas islands.

As I said before, the San Blas islands are a group of 300+ islands off the northeast coast of Panama. They are home to the Guna Yala people who are an indigenous group spread throughout all the islands.

The island we stayed on was quite small, 15 minutes to stroll casually around the island. It had a village on it as well so we had some awkward interactions. For this photo below, the man wanted 1 US dollar

These islands were absolutely breathtaking, besides the trash that was washing up on shore. On every island, there were piles of trash. It was so sad to see and made me think about the environmental impact it is having on these people and the islands they call home.

I really enjoyed my time there to be able to think about the future, this trip, and myself. I have come out stronger, in a better place, and excited to move to the next place on this adventure.

Tonight I am off on a night bus with Shuri, a girl from Japan I met in Panama City, to the Lost & Found hostel that is located deep within the Fortuna Forest Reserve on the west side of Panama.




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