Here we go again

Well if you’re getting an email or notification from me, you know what that means, I’m traveling somewhere!

After spending about 20 hours in airports and on airplanes, I landed in Panama City this afternoon exhausted, annoyed, and dying from the humidity.

I met some people staying at my hostel and we walked along the boardwalk taking in views like this

This trip has been tolling on me recently. I’ve been nervous about traveling alone, not knowing the language, and not having a plan. It’s only day 1 but it feels like it has been a week.

I don’t have plans for tomorrow, if anything, it might just be relax and/or get adjusted. The 13th I will be going to the San Blas Islands for 2 days. The San Blas Islands are a collection of more than 300 islands off the coast of Panama and they are practically untouched by development and tourism.

Talk soon,



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Every now and then, I'll set off on a new adventure and this is where I talk all about it!

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