Tacos, Tequila, and more Tequila

While in Puerto Vallarta, I signed up to do a tacos and tequila tour of downtown PV. It was filled with a few delicious tacos and many agave based drinks.

We started at Joe Jack’s Fish Shack with a delicious Fish Taco and an Ancho Mezcal-tini.

After not eating since before my 9am flight, this fish taco tasted like heaven. I could have ate at least 10.

We continued on and got more food from Mariscos Cisneros and El Cuñado. They were heavenly as well.

As the tour progressed, everything became more agave (tequila) based, besides some beer from a brewery. The owners of Monzón Brewing Co. actually moved down from the PNW so it had a very Northwest vibe, which was cool to see in such a different setting.

Drinks throughout the tour consisted of Paloma, Mezcal, Raicilla, and of course, a Margarita (jalapeño or cucumber).

We ended the tour at Vista Grill on the Beach watching a beautiful sunset over the ocean and enjoying some dessert.

Left to right: flan, brownie, ice cream


At the end of this tour, I was left with a semi-full stomach and craving more.  The tour guide, Juri, gave many recommendations for food around the area and I definitely indulged myself in her suggestions.

I highly recommend Vallarta Food Tours for those interested in a food tour of Puerto Vallarta.  It’s cheap, affordable, and will be a great way to learn the city and where to eat.

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