But first, sun

While sitting here in Sea-Tac, I cannot help but think about the past three months and compare it to exactly a year ago.  From the challenging yet very rewarding classes and jobs, to little trips out of the PNW, winter quarter has been stock full of events.

In February, I flew to see friends in San Diego and family in Las Vegas.  It was very needed, since the weather here in Seattle really affects me at times.

The classes I was enrolled in this quarter were some of the most demanding classes of my undergrad career.  Besides the constant homework and papers, it was very rewarding having three upper division economics classes all at once.

With this spring break I am going home, but I also decided to go to Mexico as well, Puerto Vallarta to be specific.  I am very excited to be in some 90 degree weather along with being out of the country for a brief 5 days. With the intense winter quarter, this break is very needed from school, work, and the constant anxiety I have about post-graduation plans.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had an interview for the Peace Corps.  I was offered an invitation to work in Mongolia, but it would depart a week before graduation, so I declined. It has been trying to let things be and not have everything planned out.

I recently went to a Semester at Sea alumni event and it was extremely beneficial for me.  The others there were well into their 20’s and gave great life advice for post-undergrad.  It gave me brief solace in knowing it is OKAY to not have anything set in stone right after graduating. They encouraged traveling, gaining experience through internships and interviews, and just letting things be.

Here’s to my final spring break of undergrad.

Keep you posted!



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