Past. Present. Future


After diving into a busy and hectic winter quarter, I have had time here and there to reflect on what I was doing exactly a year ago. Some of that pertains to scrolling through this blog and looking at old posts or gushing over the pictures and videos that still fill my phone.

A few blog posts, that have definitely stood out to me a year later are:

All About Politics

Halfway There


Being back in Seattle since Belize has been non-stop busy. On top of my three grueling classes (Intermediate Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, AND Development Economics) I have three jobs working as an intern at Solid Ground, in SPU’s Athletic department, and a Market Manager with SponsorUnited.


I’m excited to announce that I have applied for the Peace Corps and should have an interview later this week if the government is to end the shutdown… (unlikely). The position is an English Literacy Teacher in the Eastern Caribbean. It has been on my mind quite a bit in the moments I have to spare between work and class. I don’t know how big of a possibility this may be (or even if I will be given an invitation) but am interested to see what this could bring me.

Here’s to surviving a hectic quarter and potentially starting to figure out post undergrad plans…



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