Fish, Coral, and Sun, oh my!

Hello! We have been on South Water Caye for about 5 days now. Our schedule has been pretty relaxed but there’s been a steady routine.

7:30 breakfast, 9 snorkel, 11 debrief (identifying/talking about what we saw), 12 lunch, 1-6 free time/experiment, 6 dinner, 7 lecture.

The weather has been a mix of clouds, wind, rain, and sun. The past few days it has been beautiful out so most of us have been tanning (burning) in our free time or playing volleyball.

In our snorkels, I have seen nurse sharks, barracudas, rays, and so many fish. We have to identify fish and learn the differences between each breed and each fish of that breed. Not only do we have to know each fish, we have to be able to identify all the coral here. One big issue in reefs have been coral bleaching due to climate change and the past few days, it has been very prominent in the coral I’ve seen.

This island is beautiful yet extremely small. You can stand in the water on the west side of the island and see the water on the east side.

Well I’m off to help with an experiment for class.



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