Tuna Sandwich?

Today we unfortunately did not get to go to the island. They felt that the right decision was to play it safe and push it back a day. Instead, we went to the town of San Ignacio, which is actually the town of our tour guide Zhawn, and went to Mayan ruins at the site Xunantunich.

In San Ignacio, we got to walk around a Saturday market and the city. The market was cool and was a mix of a farmers market and clothes swap. They did have the typical tourist stands with magnets, bags, and Mayan astrology tiles. I wandered around the city with a guy from my group and stumbled upon a gift shop with a lot of variety. Luckily, I loaded up on some Christmas goodies there.

After San Ignacio and lunch, we went to Xunantunich. You pronounce “Xunantunich” like “shu-na-too-nich” and our guide made a joke about it sounding like “tuna sandwich”. It is about 1 kilometer from the Guatemalan border. We climbed all the way to the top and even huddled in an old room/tomb while it rained for a period of time.

Tonight we had our first lecture of the course, to get the ball rolling as well as potentially give us a night off once we are on the island. Tomorrow we are waking up and taking off at 9 to go to South Water Caye, but not before a trip to the store to buy food/drinks/necessities.

Ready for the beach,



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