Humidity and Animals

We have arrived in Belize! Once we landed, our tour guide picked us up in an old school bus and we drove. After driving for about an hour, we ended up at a local diner called Cheers. We had traditional Belizean food which mainly consists of rice and beans (rice and beans cooked together).

After lunch we settled into our housing for the night, the Tropical Education Center. We then meet for a brief orientation of Belize and ended up having an update on our ride tomorrow out to South Water Kaye. Apparently, there is a tropical storm approaching and we may not be able to go to the island as scheduled tomorrow, but one of the professors said that we should be prepared like we are going to the island in case we end up transferring there tomorrow. If we do not go to the island, we will instead go see Mayan ruins here on the mainland of Belize.

Tonight after dinner, which was rice and beans and chicken, we did a night tour of the Belize Zoo. It was awesome to see animals that are known to Central America including these:


Tomorrow morning, we will hear the fate of our group, if we go to the island as planned or change schedule a bit.

More to come,



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4 thoughts on “Humidity and Animals”

  1. Ask your guide if he knows Luz Hunter. She probably taught him. She is the top naturalist in Belize. I am traveling around Belize with her in April.


      1. Cool!. She is a fantastic birder, maybe she’ll lead one. I sent an email to her that you were with the group.


  2. We love hearing about your travels and hope the island visit happens as planned! Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure!!! Much love, The Babb Family


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