Almost Christmas in Belize

So as I have mentioned in previous posts(?), I will be spending two weeks this December in Belize.  As a requirement to graduate, I have to take a biology class, which I have not completed yet and that is where Belize comes in.  December 7th I will be taking a red-eye from Seattle out to Belize City along with 20 other SPU students and 2 faculty members. From December 9th to December 20th I will be snorkeling, tanning, and learning about coral and marine life to satisfy my biology requirement. The island I will be on for the duration of my short study abroad is South Water Caye (pronounced “key”).  On December 22nd I will then fly back to the states just in time for Christmas.

As Belize is approaching, so are finals, papers, and the boatload of stress that comes with finals week.  T-minus 2 weeks until finals.

Wish me luck!



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