“My Time”

It has been a while everyone.

I’m back in Seattle, chugging through Fall Quarter and dealing with everything that entails like classes, work, friends, and the cold weather. It has been hard adjusting back and honestly, I thought the re-adjusting would be done once I was settled in Southern California after traveling this summer. Unfortunately, it’s not.

I have been on a wild roller coaster since returning to the Emerald City. From helping out with orientation to losing temporary freedom of driving a car to coming home from classes and having breakdowns, senior year has been of to a great start… kind of.  It’s currently the end of Week 6 and that means 5 weeks until the completion of finals and my next trip to Belize. (more info to come soon)

This quarter, I have been reading a few books for an independent study. (WOW! I’m actually reading for school!!!) This is where I’m finally getting to what I actually want to talk about on this post. One book I read is titled A Geography of Time and written by Robert LevineI was recommended this book by an old history teacher (shoutout to Mr. P).  This book has helped me adjust back into daily life of a normal college student while keeping the memories and experiences I went through alive. One part that I have really held close is at the end when Levine talks about his realizations after his travels:

When all was said and done, when my transition period had passed, I felt more in control of my life than I ever had before, and it is a feeling that has stayed with me to this day. I understand that my time truly is my time, and even though the pace of my life, like everyone else, is often directed by the world around me, it has become clear that people have considerably more control over their tempos than they often let themselves believe.

It has been an interesting time being back and knowing I won’t be waking up in a new country every week.  Coming back to reality has been rough but it’s required sadly.

Well, I’ve been procrastinating on walking back to my house because it’s cold but I should probably do that soon.

Catch ya’ll later,



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