Brief Update

So I’ve been back in the states for around 3 months now and it has definitely gone by fast. (I have 28 days until I return to Seattle for one more year of undergrad)

The past 3 months I haven’t been able to go a second without thinking of one aspect of my trip. Some days, it’s the kids I met in Myanmar or Ghana. Other times, it’s the historic places like Hiroshima or the Berlin Wall.

Within these three months, I have also had swings of pure joy in being home, having a summer job, and hanging out with friends. I have also had times of sadness, depression, and resentment to being back and in a mundane routine. As each day passes, the adventures I had have started to fade into distant memories and dreams.

The past few days, I have started to go through my journal and looking at photos and videos I took while abroad. Recently, I developed photos off of a disposable camera one of my housemates gave me last December. I have also started to put together a video of my month of travel in Europe.

While I get going on the video, here are some of the developed photos I took while abroad.


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