My plane boards in about 20 minutes. It’s hard to believe this trip has come to an end. 135 days later and I’ll be back in the states this afternoon. 

Soon I’ll start processing everything I’ve done and seen the past 135 days and it’ll be tough. I’ll want to talk about certain things but also not talk at all. It’ll be an interesting journey back into reality. 

My heart aches with a ping of sadness but also a bit of happiness. It’s hard to want to go home after seeing so many amazing things but it’s also hard to want to stay when I’ve been traveling constantly for the past few months. 

Excited to fly,

January 5 to May 19: Lauren’s Change​ (Selfies in every country)


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Every now and then, I'll set off on a new adventure and this is where I talk all about it!

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