2 week recap

Wow time has FLOWN by! In the past two weeks I have been in 6 different countries.

After meeting my cousin (Kristen) and her boyfriend (Marc), we traveled to Salzburg, Munich and then back to their home in Strasbourg. In Salzburg we stumbled into the garden where part of The Sound Of Music was filmed. Munich we went to Auswitz, did a hop on hop off tour, until I lost my ticket, and had dinner at the Hofsbrahaus. On the way back to Strasbourg, we stopped in Zurich for lunch. In Strasbourg it was a great way to unwind a bit after a LONGG time of travel.

On May 6th Kristen, her friend, and myself traveled to London. We wandered around Hyde Park, Harrods, and did a hop on hop off tour there as well. It was an awesome time. Not to mention I went off on my own one day and did a Harry Potter Studio Tour. It was AMAZING and the highlight of my time in London. 

I am currently in Edinburgh right now and with one of my friends from SAS (Daniel). Today we did the Edinburgh Dungeons, Edinburgh Castle, and the Scotch Whiskey Tour. Tomorrow we are doing a day trip out to Glasgow where I’ll have the day to wander while Daniel meets old friends. After tomorrow we will be heading to Ireland for 5 days and doing a tour of Ireland.

My time abroad is starting to come to a close and it has been an amazing opportunity. I’m excited to finish up this last week of travel and intrigued at how returning to the states and back into daily life will be. 

Write soon,



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Every now and then, I'll set off on a new adventure and this is where I talk all about it!

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