Praha & Bratislava


I did a free walking tour and met some awesome people. On the tour I met a Ghanaian and an Indian. Thanks to Semester at Sea, I was able to talk to them about my experiences in their countries. I even made the guy from Ghana miss home! 

At the John Lennon wall, I ran into two women from Los Angeles. One woman noticed my shirt and said her sister will be running for Seattle Pacific next year. It’s such a small world!


So here I did a free walking tour as well. I met a college student studying abroad in Paris as well as a few Germans, an Italian, and a guy from Seattle. It has been an amazing experience traveling solo and getting to meet people from all over, grab a meal, and plan to meet up in other cities we are all traveling to. 

So many people I’ve talked to have said I’m brave for traveling by myself in Central Europe. Honestly, I don’t see where they think I’m brave. I’m just a 20 year old student traveling to new places on my own.

Budapest bound tomorrow!



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