Biking in Berlin

So bright and early at 6:55am I took a 3 hour train from Hamburg to Berlin, checked into my Airbnb and decided to do a biking tour of Berlin since today is my only day here. 

The tour lasted about 4 hours and was amazing. I saw the television tower created when east Berlin was under Soviet rule. I also saw, and geeked out over the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie. After learning about World War II for years, I can not express how amazing it was to see these in person. 

This was an awesome experience because during the voyage, I got to see the Asia-Pacific side of World War II with Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima. Now I get to see the European side!

Tomorrow I will have the morning in the train station and then take a train to Prague. 



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One thought on “Biking in Berlin”

  1. I was there when the wall was still up. On the Wes people would climb scaffolding to look across the wall. Their relatives would walk slowly by so they could see grandchildren etc. if the ones on the east stopped and waved, they would get a 500 mark fine! Then we took subway to east Berlin visited some people, I went off to the museum to see a fossil of archaeopteryx . Didn’t see it, that section was closed for renovations!


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