Today was a day of packing. We had convocation for the graduating seniors as well. It was an amazing night filled with laughter, tears, and pictures. Captain Kostas went through some statistics about this voyage and he mentioned that as of docking in Hamburg, we will have sailed 23,911 nautical miles.

At convocation, Mara Karlin, one of my amazing professors spoke. In it she said on this voyage, we have learned to be comfortable with uncertainty. She also said how we should be ready for serendipity once we return home.

Tomorrow is our final full day on the ship. It will consist of “see you later”s, room inspections, and a final gathering of this wonderful shipboard community. It’s becoming very real and scary that we are now in the process of adjusting to real life. Being on this ship has been such a great escape from normal life and a great adventure to help shape me for the rest of my life.

Off to finish packing,

Current Location: 50.97 N 0.87 E


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Every now and then, I'll set off on a new adventure and this is where I talk all about it!

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  1. I have enjoyed your journey from the 2 year old on the beach in Maui to the maturing world travelr. Love and miss you.


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