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Morocco, our final port. It definitely had its ups and downs. The Blue City was absolutely magical. Seeing the different shades of blue create the makeup of roads and houses was beautiful. I definitely felt relaxed and at peace in this what felt like a Mediterranean town. Fes on the other hand definitely didn’t give me the best impression, not to mention I did not feel good at all the past two days. We were walking around a lot and went to the medina for a bit but didn’t get to do much. It looked amazing though. We got back to the ship an hour past on ship time, but since it was a SAS Program, no dock time was given to anyone.

As we are sailing away from Morocco, I have started to look back on the past 105 days. It has truly been the adventure of a lifetime and one semester I will never forget. It’s starting to get emotional and there’s still so much we have left in the next 5 days. I’ll write more about this soon, time to study for finals…

I’m not ready to go back to real life,

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