My time in Ghana was interesting. It was definitely different from what I expected. The first two days a friend and I stayed in Accra at a hotel to just get off the ship. A majority of the time we were hiding in our air conditioned room when it was hot out. The third day we went back to the ship and just relaxed and enjoyed the pool deck (it was really hot).

The final day I did this amazing service program called City of Refuge (CORM). It was such a great hands on experience to be able to interact with the kids there and play with them for the day. The kids at this organization were mostly rescued from Lake Volta, a lake where children were sold into child slavery. It was so heartbreaking to hear some of the stories. Meeting the kids was phenomenal. 5 girls ran over to me, hugged me, held my arms, and just wanted someone to play with. They were so loving and happy, it was hard to imagine what their lives were like before they were rescued. I played a few hand games with the girls and then helped some boys with their basketball skills, not to mention play a 3 on 3 game with 2 other guys from SAS and some of the boys at the organization. Some kids have sponsors around the world and in the states but there are still many without one.

it was truly one of the best days of this voyage.

Here’s to 14 more days,

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