Code Bravo

So today a “Code Bravo” happened in one of the engine rooms. Code Bravo means fire so as you can imagine, the crew got to work right away. Some students in the Reception area, where I was working, were freaking out. The captain shut down the engines, air conditioning, water, and electricity, so pretty much everything on the ship. Some fire doors throughout the ship shut so it led to people not being able to get to their rooms or having to find other ways to public areas. Food at lunch was limited due to the inability to cook, along with water to drink. Classes were still going like normal but no one could access the Internet or the outside world for about 4 hours. Obviously to some that was the end of the world, a fire on the ship AND no internet, what had this trip come too. First we skip Mauritius and then a fire breaks out in the engine room. What’s next? Hopefully nothing, we only have 23 days left on this ship so let’s pray we get to Hamburg in one piece.

Well I’m off to watch Netflix,

Current Location: 15.23S 7.24E


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