Snoozing on a Safari

Going to South Africa was amazing. It was amazing to be able to see my mom along with step foot on a country that has similarities close to the states. Going on a safari was something super cool and super unique to South Africa.

On the safari we saw animals ranging from turtles and birds to lions and cheetahs. In a total of 6 game drives we were able to see all of the animals in the Big 5 (lion, leapoard, buffalo, elephant, rhino). With the early morning game drives (5:30am) and the evening game drives (4:30pm) it was nice to just sleep the day away and I did that most of the days there.

Having my mom visit me was fun. It was nice to see a familiar place during a time where nothing really has been familiar besides this ship I’m calling home. It was also nice to get some more snacks and send a majority of my belongings home so I won’t have to lug them around Europe afterwards.

On to Ghana,

Current Location: 27.64S 14.64E


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