Snow and Sports

So the snow day we had instead of Mauritius was really fun. They played movies for entertainment (Frozen) as well as educational (District 9, Cry Freedom). They also had multiple seminars created by Staculty. I went to one called “Working for SAS” led by our amazing Executive Dean Dan. It was really cool to learn about opportunities and ways to get back on the ship as well as hearing most people have to plan out their entire lives to find ways back onto the ship. One of my professors, Mara Karlin (She’s phenomenal, worked in the Pentagon under Bush AND Obama) said how most women don’t take the opportunity to do this program because they are worried about starting a family in the mid to late 20’s. At night we had a SAS story time with Dean Dan and stargazing. The stargazing wasn’t great due to the clouds and a full moon… I’m hoping Student Life tries again in a few weeks.

Yesterday we had Sea Olympics! It was a day filled with fun, fellowship, and fierce competition. For the Yellow Sea, I competed in Spikeball (I was the only girl for any team to play in it). We didn’t win anything but it was fun to get active and play a game I haven’t in a while. Aside from Spikeball they had games ranging from Trivia to 3v3 Basketball to Lipsync. In the evening we had the lipsync competition and it was really fun to see the creativeness of each sea, Staculty were the best by far with just their simple moves and dancing to Madonna’s “Vogue”. Sadly, Yellow Sea did not win, but we did get 3rd so we medaled! Adriatic won… So now they get to go off the ship first in every port starting in Cape Town.

Only 2 more days until we reach Cape Town! I’ve really enjoyed this 12 day stretch at sea. It has given me a lot of time to think and process every port we have been to so far along with giving me time to look at my life in new ways.

Coming for you Cape Town!

Current Position: 30.34 S 30.34 E


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