Sailing on to South Africa

So sadly at Pre-Port tonight, we were told we would not be docking in Mauritius for the day tomorrow… All they have told us that the owner and the summer lender have a contract about payments and the one for Mauritius was not paid on time. With the delay of this payment and tomorrow being Mauritius’ Independence Day AND a Sunday, they felt that docking in Port Louis would cause possible delay for our route to South Africa.

With the dismay this brought many people of the ship of not being able to get off, as well as realizing we now have 12 days at sea, the longest stretch in our entire journey, tomorrow is a “snow day”. As a Californian I do not understand what this “snow day” will entail. Honestly, I am a bit bummed that I won’t get to see Mauritius but life goes on. This voyage will continue to be amazing and this is one of the few bump in the roads we have encountered so far.

Here’s to the snow day at sea!


Current Position: 18.73S 58E

Here are some questions/comments people made as our Executive Dean Dan was helping people understand a bit more.
Can we get free wifi tomorrow?
– “Have you no backbone?”
Open bar!
– “I had a list of the things we’re doing, hmmm open bar?… must be on the other list.”
What about food?
– “I’m thinking pasta for sure.”


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