Today is the revered Neptune Day. You will be transformed from worthless pollywogs into exalted shell backs. I have the power to make life quite difficult for you in the days that lie ahead. I have huge waves and truly horrid sea monsters at my beck and call.  – King Neptune

Ahh yes, the day I’ve been waiting 62 days for, NEPTUNE DAY! We crossed the equator yesterday(9th) at 0630 but had class so today(10th) we celebrated crossing the equator for the first time.

Today consisted of the crew strolling up and down the hallways banging drums, cowbells, and our doors at 0700, and Debra, the head honcho of the Field Office came on the loudspeaker to tell us to put on our bathing suits and sunscreen, and proceed to the pool deck. When we arrived, they had the royal court introduced while the crew was banging away on the drums.

In tradition with Neptune Day, we had slime poured on us, jumped into the pool, kissed a fish, kissed King Neptune’s ring, and if we so desired, shave our heads. It was definitely a day to remember on this voyage.

Mauritius in 2 days!!


Current Position: 8.49S 66.56E


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