Halfway There

With this adventure officially half completed, I am trying to reflect on the places I’ve seen, the people I’ve met, and the things I’ve learned. Overall this trip has been phenomenal minus a few bumps in the road.

Places: So I’ve now been to 4 new countries with many different things in store from learning more about Japan with family to hot air ballooning over the Archeological Sites in Bagan. Every country has had something unique to it that I fell in love with. In Japan, it was the family I had never met before, in China, it was the Great Wall, in Vietnam, it was the Mekong Delta, and in Myanmar, it was hot air ballooning over hundreds of pagodas.

People: In every country leading up to this point, I have encountered a few amazing people. From family in Japan to our tour guides in China and Vietnam, the people have been so amazing in their own way. Some were difficult to understand with a language barrier but it has been a learning experience.

Things: Over the past 52 days, I have learned a lot, not really relating to school though. Every in-country experience has taught me something no classroom could ever come close to teaching. I’ve learned how to navigate train stations, barter with shopkeepers, and say hello and thank you in multiple languages. I’ve learned how to travel with practically nothing and be flexible in hard situations.

I have also learned a lot about myself in the past 52 days. I’ve learned that I’ve gone through some hard situations that really has an impact of who I am on this ship. I’ve also learned that in order to have someone open up to you, you have to open up to them. I’ve become more upfront in some situations and have also become more adventurous in what I do and eat. I’ve also come to accept my past and finally not let what happened drag me down, or I’ve been trying to.

Here’s to change,

Current position: 13.16N 92.30E


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