My oh my Myanmar

This country has surprised me. I came in not really expecting a whole lot and it has been amazing. I have been in awe of the pagodas in Yangon and Bagan along with the kindness of the interactions I’ve had with the Burmese people.

Day 1: I went to the Schwedagon Pagoda and it is the biggest pagoda EVER! We saw it on the horizon as we were going into the city the first day. Not to mention my mouth dropped when I saw it in person.

Day 2: I had my final field class (Woohoo!) where we went to the University of Yangon and got to meet and talk to students about anything and then went to the National Museum which had this amazing Lion Throne.

Day 3: My alarm went off at 3am and I had a flight to catch. I flew from Yangon to Bagan with a SAS trip. (Thanks Dad and Kathy for this amazing Christmas present!!) from arriving in Bagan, we went to go see a few pagodas, visit a few villages to see daily lives of Burmese, and see a cultural show that was very trippy.

Day 4: 4:30am and off to the field! We had a hot air balloon ride over so many Pagodas this morning. It was incredible! We then went to a monetary, market, and the sunset pagoda to watch the sunset. It was a beautiful day.

Tomorrow we will fly back to Yangon at 11:30! Woo! I get to sleep in, until 9… We will then grab lunch there and transfer back to the ship before on ship time. Dun dun dunnnnn. Luckily since I’m doing a Semester at Sea (SAS) program I don’t have to worry about dock time! (Also realized I’ve never explained some weird ship terms yet so I’ll get to that in another post soon).

Being up before the sun two days in a row has been exhausting!

Ta ta,

ps. Wifi has been unreliable and very slow so that is why my Vietnam video is not uploaded yet.


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