Mekong Delta

So the other day Leslie, Danielle and I (pictured from left to right) went on a day trip down to the Mekong Delta. It was beautiful. 

We were able to eat local food, hold a snake, and ride down the river. It was so beautiful and felt like such a simple lifestyle. I was definitely reminded of being in the Caribbean. (It has also been around 90 degrees this entire time).

Vietnam has been phenomenal and I have fallen in love with just a sliver of what there is here. Tomorrow is our last day here and I have a field class that will go to the War Remnants museum, then will have 5 days at sea and arrive in Myanmar on the 20th.

Ciao for now,



2 thoughts on “Mekong Delta

  1. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! Thank you for the wonderful pictures and sharing your trip with us. Vietnam looks amazing!
    Much love, Laura, Robert, and Koby!


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