So today (19th) is our study day. That means NO CLASS!!! But we should be studying… Today also has had the biggest swells we’ve seen so far. The captain has said he is trying to navigate us south in order to avoid more rocky seas. He has also said that around midnight the swells will go down to around 6 feet (I’m praying).

For lunch, today was taco day! I cannot begin to express how much I’ve missed tacos and how done I am with pasta, potatoes, and a meat… There was also free ice cream (usually it costs money at the pool bar) that I definitely helped myself to.

As a Field Office family, tonight we are having a pizza party on the pool deck. This may be the one day I don’t eat pasta while I’m on this ship.

The gym, basketball court, and front deck are both closed due to strong winds and high seas, so guess it’ll be hard to work off all that ice cream I had for lunch…

We are around 1,700 miles away from Kobe and I could not be more excited. Being on a ship for this long of a stretch is definitely testing me in every way imaginable. I think I might kiss the ground when we get to Kobe.

Write soon,

Current Location: 21.30N 163.50E (estimating because this is what it was close to this morning on Channel 1)


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