Tick Tock

Time is such a weird concept now. We have turned our clocks back 3 times so far and will again tonight. It’s hard to keep track of the time back in California let alone on the ship. One day feels like 4 days combined but 3 full days feels like 1 day.

Days are even harder to keep track of. It’s easy to know if it’s A or B day but outside of that, it’s hard to remember the day of the week and even the date.

All I am positive of right now, is that we are 900 nautical miles from Honolulu and around 2,999.7 nauticalmiles away from Kobe.

Current position: 19.42N 170.32W


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Every now and then, I'll set off on a new adventure and this is where I talk all about it!

One thought on “Tick Tock”

  1. We love reading about your adventures, Lauren! Good job at growing sea-legs:). It sounds like you are too busy to get sea sick. Can’t wait to hear about more of your journey!!!
    Sending love,


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